1-Introducing different kinds of bitumen

Iran has the capacity to produce for million tons of bitumen by the state and private sectors.

State refineries supply the primary material of bitumen called Vaccum Bottom through stock exchange, and then private and semi-state sectors transform to different varieties of bitumen grade as follow:

Penetrating bitumen

This is produced in the refinery voids and then aired. Indeed, this is a product made after Vaccum Bottom oxidation which is classified as much as penetration and softness degree are concerned. The bitumen varieties which have higher degrees of penetration are directly obtained from VB, and the ones with less degrees of penetration are produce after airing of the above-cited varieties.

Viscosity bitumen varieties

This is the product of vaccum airing, which according to the viscosity degree in the 60 degree centigrade, or Kinematic viscosity in the temperature 135 degree centigrade, is classified.

Emulsion bitumen

Indeed, this is the bitumen solved in water which is the combination of water and bitumen (which in some cases the solvent and/or stabilizer is added to), and is categorized to three classes of Anionic/Cationic and clay.

– Aired bitumen

This is the product made by airing hot air as hot as 200 to 300 degrees centigrade in the last stages of refinery in the refining process.

-Solution bitumen

This is produced through solving the bitumen varieties cite above in a solvent or petroleum oils.

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