Daya International  business  Group with team of professional and several years experience in packing & logistic are ready to offer you its best services with best quality and in every quantity with very competitive price , we re focused in supply packing cargoes for export , the mainly products are all Bitumen grades ,  base oil ( Virgin & Recycle ) , RPO , Urea , Paraffin Oil & etc…   We directly source the products from oil refineries and export them to multiple countries. We have strict quality control procedures to ensure timely delivery of quality products always. We believe in delivering quality products, offering unmatched services & establishing long-term relationships.

Packing Type :

  • Drum : Daya drumming services on all scales, from 100kg to 240kg drums as well as standard filling by below brief specification . We handle non-hazardous petrochemical liquids and perform sampling and filtering of chemicals where necessary.


Kind of packing (New metal drum) info :

  1. Type 1 : L=98cm , Q=50cm , W=9.5kg , V=181~184kg
  2. Type 2 : L=89cm , Q=57cm , W=11kg , V=198~205kg
  3. Type 3 : L=98cm , Q=57cm , W=11kg , V=225~230kg
  4. Type 4 : L=85cm , Q=50cm , W=7.5kg , V=151~153kg


And will label your packaging as required. The packaged product can be patalize  too