Australia’s federal government will provide A$33.5mn ($23.8mn) in funding to support the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and sustainable marine fuel as part of a new round of financial support of around A$110mn for the country’s aviation sector. The rest of the funding will be spent on aviation technology and on regional aviation infrastructure.

The government is allocating A$33.5mn in additional funding to further support and advance Australia’s bioenergy sector for the development and deployment of advanced sustainable aviation and marine biofuels. Pilot programmes and public-private sector partnerships will be created to increase the uptake of biofuel jet fuels, supporting the development of commercial-scale SAF production.

A report commissioned by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, a government agency that finances renewable energy, said the early deployment of pre-commercial SAF production plants could be created to produce up to 33,000 b/d of SAF representing approximately 18pc of the Australian aviation fuel market.

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