” as one of the top countries in the world in the field of bitumen production , iran will export this product to the most countries in the world , ” according to mehr news agency quoted by mehr news agency as saying .
the 11th exhibition of bitumen , asphalt , insulation and car accessories can help to increase this rate , he said , adding that the eleventh – to – sixth exhibition of bitumen , asphalt , insulation and car accessories can contribute to the increase of this rate .
all producers , big exporters in the field of bitumen , polymer binders , asphalt binders , asphalt producers , asphalt producers , asphalt pavements , asphalt pavements , sealing lines and equipment related to local manufacture of technical knowledge have been built in the eleventh exhibition at the 11th international exhibition , asphalt pavements , asphalt pavements and equipment related to the commercialization of technical know – how .
al – zadeh also pointed out the presence of knowledge – based knowledge and said that the companies had caused the cutting , destruction , waste processing procedures in asphalt to reduce the consumption of asphalt paving stones to the extent of 60 % reduction of repair costs .
finally , about the start – up company in the field of bitumen permeability , pitch of pitch of bitumen and flash point in this exhibition stated : these start – ups prepared many projects with the participation of sharif university and amir kabir university , which can contribute to the process of construction and construction projects . there are also other start – ups in this event , which rely on the motivation of nano in asphalt pavement and asphalt adhesive to prevent complete reconstruction of roads based on cost reduction and ease of implementation .

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